Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Own Handmade Jewelry Business

Most entrepreneurs in the handmade jewelry business will agree that they’ve had this particular conversation at least a few times in their lives. Thus, the idea is born and it starts growing, slowly and steadily until you simply have to do something about it.
If you too are a future entrepreneur looking to get into the handmade jewelry business, then we’ve got a few tips that may come in useful for you when you start your business.

Don’t overthink

If you keep wondering if you should or should not begin your own business, and if it’s worth the time, effort and money, and if you’ll actually be able to do it; trust us when we say it won’t work. Do your research, gather your information and plunge in with both feet! Many a times the hesitation alone has stopped potential entrepreneurs from reaching great heights.

Perfect your art, be confidant in it.

If you’re new to handcrafting jewelry and feel that you want to start your own business, then make sure that you are confidant and that you have perfected the art before you begin selling. Customer satisfaction is vital. If your product is faulty, then you might ruin your business’ reputation even before it lifts off the ground.


Make sure that you have easy access to your supplies. Nothing is more frustrating than beginning a project and then realizing that you’re short on something. It gets even more complicated when you need to finish a certain project for a customer, and you don’t have something vital. Making sure that you’re stocked and that you have access to more supplies if necessary reduces future complications.

Expert support.

Even if you are a professional in your craft, it might be a good idea to get expert help when it comes to the finance and IT division of your business. Of course, it’s always possible for you to learn, and it’ll be perfect if you are able to. But if you aren’t able to, many IT companies offer managed IT support.

If you feel that it’s too soon or that it’s too expensive to get managed IT support, then even a friend with high knowledge in computers and software will be able to help.

Time management.

Time management is very important for an entrepreneur. Like Stephen R.Covey said “the key is not spending time, but in investing it.” If you’re juggling other commitments along with your business, then it’s important to schedule in interruptions as well. Know that even if you try your best, everything cannot be done within 24 hours. Work hard, but also work smart.

Creativity block.

You’ll be using your imagination and creativity in overdrive at times, so don’t be afraid if this pesky thing appears sometime during your career. Just like writing, the key is to keep doing it. Eventually, you’ll be happy about your progress. Panicking about it is the last thing you should do. Use the time to focus on other parts of your business as well.

As each person’s liking vary, it’s important that you make a range of designs. It’s also important to remember this when you receive negative response for your creations. Listen to your customers, but don’t let them run your business.