Traffic Control and Security with Installation of Bollards on the Streets and Parking Areas

The population has increased tremendously these days. This has increased the use of vehicles to a greater extent. Controlling and security of the traffic has become a major challenge for traffic authorities. Rules and regulations must be made for people who are on the road so that there is no confusion on the road between the people who are in vehicles and people on feet. It becomes very difficult to have a check on each and every vehicle and maintain their security also in parking areas. Hence, bollards are used on the streets.

Bollard is basically a traffic post which is vertical and installed in areas where parking is not allowed or vehicles’ entry is not permitted. Different types of bollards can be installed such as removable bollards, steel bollards, security bollards, etc. All have different functionality and purposes.

Removable bollards are used when the need to control traffic changes frequently, which means, directing and controlling traffic is for a shorter period of time in one area, then the same bollards can be used to control traffic in other areas and so on. These are mostly useful in parking areas and at the entry gates of Cineplex, shopping malls, railway stations, etc. where the course of entry of vehicles keep changing.

These bollards can be controlled and operated manually or by hydraulic movements. They are known as removable because they are designed in such a manner that they can be easily collapsed to the ground and re-erected somewhere else.

Steel Bollards are made from stainless steel. These kinds of bollards are commonly used because there is no maintenance involved unlike other bollards made from other metals. They are not corrosive in nature and are durable for a longer period of time and are sturdy.

The basic motive behind using bollards is to direct and control traffic. They help in separation of areas of parking spaces. Their use is to direct the public on streets and indicate them where to drive and not drive, park and walk. Bollards even provide security where it acts as a shield for vehicles.

Bollards are very artistic and designer in their shapes. They are very decorative to suit the landscape and architectural buildings around it. These days, they can be even used for surveillance. A small CCTV camera, which rotates round, can be fixed on the upper part of the bollard covered under the topmost structure of it. This will help in keeping a watch over the entire street with a 360 degree angle.

Bollards are of different sizes and lengths to control different types of vehicles of different levels. Hence, they are very convenient in using and installing them. Some pedestrians tend to pass through bollards overlooking the fact that the particular area is not meant for pedestrians. In such circumstances, series of chains are connected between each bollard to prevent the walkers from that particular area. For more info about steel bollards visit

Traffic rules and regulations and preventive measures adopted by traffic authorities have made it convenient and easy to control, direct and secure the traffic easily. The flow of traffic is smooth and the number of accidents is also less due to controlled traffic.