What Are The Benefits Of Bright Box Mud Shark

Bright box is a global brand with offices in UK, USA and Australia. Their purpose was to develop a construction industry software that people can use easily and provide solutions that are easy to learn as well as powerful.

While working on construction sites it was observed that it took a lot of time and money to calculate the cut and fill and also was very difficult. There was a need of a custom solution like best earthwork estimating software that can help estimators to do their work easily and after a lot of research and work Mud Shark was developed.

Purpose of Mud Shark:

Mud Shark will help to estimate the difficult and heavy earth works in an easy way. Mud Shark has built-in intelligence. You will not have to work hard for getting your projects done. The only thing you need to do is to just input any contours, boundaries or structures and Mud Shark will do the remaining work itself. The software will provide you specialized tools like nice groundworks estimation software that will help you to calculate footings without any difficulty, estimate trench, retaining walls and pipe networks and you simplify deep excavations easily.


Mud Shark views the sites very precisely that even the slightest details can be observed. It basically displays the sites in 3D. With the help of intuitive camera, you can analyse your 3D model in a way like never before.

  • Calculate Trench and Pipe Networks with Mud Sharks:

You can check your pipe network with the help of automated clash detection. You can avoid any complications on site with automated clash detection because will help you to determine anywhere the pipes are clashing. You can also group your trench networks into depth categories after taking off and checking your trench network.

Benefits of Mud Shark:

  • Mud Shark helps you to estimate your projects in quicker way and saves you a lot of time and money.
  • Since Mud Shark views your sites in 3D you can get accurate and precise details.
  • You can gain efficiency and precision with the help of smart take off tools like deep excavation software that enable rapid data input.
  • With the help of Microsoft excel you can get precise, clear, accurate and detailed reporting.
  • Mud Shark also provides specialized tools that help to calculate footings, retaining walls, respreads and trench networks.
  • Mud Shark provides the facility of cut and fill calculations to transfer your data in a way you want.
  • Smart take-off tools help to gain efficiency and input with swift data input.

There is a requirement of minimum 12 months Software Assurance for the customers who purchase Mud Shark. With the help of this we can make sure the customers will stay up-to-date and will also help with the installation and starting process.